Zaos the Innkeeper

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Hostellers, Charlies

'Zaos' Orange is a character played by Shubert in the Aqueon campaign. Few care to know his real name, so he is known only as Innkeeper to all but his family, who are all currently missing.

Phase One - Paying for My Family's Debt

Zaos was born and raised at the old Orange Inn, his family's ancestoral home for the past several generations. His parents were strong, quiet people who enjoyed their work so long as the customers behaved themselves.

Phase Two - Forced Into a Life of Crime


  • Keeper of the Orange Inn - High Concept</li></li>
  • Easy Mark - Trouble</li></li>
  • Paying for My Family's Debt - Phase One</li></li>
  • Forced into a Life of Crime - Phase Two</li></li>
  • Knows Too Much - Phase Three</li></li>
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