Vance Kruger02

The Ace Pilot (An email from Shubert to Jake)

As far as your character goes, the planet you currently reside on is called Focus, it is by far the most populated planet in the known universe and it resides in the Coral star system. You are part of a military group that keeps the planet safe from unwanted visitors. What this means is that you do get to fly a cool spaceship and occasionally even get to engage in some combat (it usually only lasts until they realize they should surrender) with pirates or other unwanted folks. What it also means though, is that you never get to travel the galaxy. You're stuck defending Focus and rarely get a chance to venture more than a few thousand kilometres from Focus' surface. This is fine for some people, but I'm guessing you're more of the type of guy who doesn't like being stuck anywhere, even if that means you get to fly cool spacecraft and reside on one of the galaxies more interesting planets. There's always stuff to see, and after having grown up living on a f$%#ing asteroid, I bet even this megatropolis starts to seem boring after a while.  Just some thoughts to your motivations and stuff. Use or ignore it, totally up to you.  

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