This is a summation of episode 7 of The Landscape season 2.

With their plans in place for the upcoming disaster, the heros settle in and wait. Tensions run high as some citizens refuse to leave the city, and knights teleported in from the capital take up residences in evacuated homes.

Finally the foretold day arrives, and it is nightfall before the Sahuagin decide to strike. As they burn boats looking for hidden artifacts, the heroes wait, watching for the wave to begin to wash in. With a steadily growing rush of sound from the ocean, the bustle of activity and fighting on the shoreline stops. The crest of the hundred foot wave appears, and the adventurers teleport out of town to join Connect at the refugee camp.

They intend to return shortly to assist in clean up, but Tophat and Solomon feel a strange weakening, and they believe that something has gone wrong with the plan. The entire group teleports back, and the Agents of Death can see that someone or something is syphoning off the souls to a source other than Death Himself.

Suddenly, dozens of undead blobs, bloated abominations combining both Sahuagin, human and dragonborn bodies begin to crawl up on the shore. As the heroes attempt to battle off these horrific creatures, one of the mindflayers clambers out of the water, wounded. The heroes turn to the new threat, but are surprised once again at the sudden appearance of a giant and terrible shark-creature, standing on two legs and commanding a swirling vortex of blood stained seawater. Connect identifies the creature as an Avatar of Sekolah, and she leaves the battle, contending that helping the innocent is more important than battling a evil god, or rather, aiding her evil companions battle an evil god.

Tophat and Solomon see that the Avatar of Sekolah is the one draining the souls, and the group sets to destroying the being. They manage to disrupt the Avatar's presence, and the flow of souls returns to the proper channel - to Death.

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