This is a summation of episode 2 of the Landscape season 3.

The adventurer's send out for information, and through their various sources, they determine:

  • The Knights of the Bronze are desperate to make contact with the chromatic dragons and to attempt to form an alliance to take down Broxinullst.
  • Beast and Irith in Ardour have cultivated a plant that can emit an aura of healing energy. They are working to make this plant hardy and effective over a useable radius.
  • Taluka - an exarch of Bahamut - has gone missing to the South of the Forest of the Purple Terror, he was working with some knights on harrying Broxinullst's forces
  • Death is prophesizing a massive Tsunami to hit Esakar Landing in about three months. It is likely that this will result in the deaths of thousands, and he has Tophat to make sure nothing disrupts the flow of these Souls to Death's domain.
  • In addition, a warrior named Dras in the Eastern Kingdoms has eluded Death's grasp several times, and the time has come for him to pay what is owed to the ancient entity. Tophat must hunt him down and claim his soul.

Assured of their various tasks, the group heads to Grem's Slide, and on the way they meet a sickly troup of Goliath nomads, heading to town to seek out healing. Connect escorts them to the portal, but finds that the healing energies of the dimension are malfunctioning. After some investigation it is found that two brothers: Bob and Rodd from Karthoogh are hosts to a strange form of slaad tadpole. The abberrations feed on healing energy, and Connect inadvertently forces Rodd to transform into a fearsome raging beast. While the group dispatches Rodd, Connect heals Bob, fighting on a microscopic scale the dangerous tadpoles swimming around inside his body.

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