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The group find themselves in the Underdark Shallows . Not far from the surface, but deep enough to get into trouble. Along with a few other survivors of the tidal wave including a dragonborn psychic named Kel , they set out to find their way back to the surface. They find a tribe of kuo-toa, frog like shallow-dwellers led by a stalwart priest named Glubblub .

He says that he’ll help them get to the surface – if they can perform a small task for him. It seems that some sort of creature has stolen the idol from their shrine to Blibdoolpoolp , and if the group can retrieve it for him, Glubblub will show them to the surface.

They follow an ooze trail into the depths of the caves, finding a coven of ochre jellies. After slaying them, Johann recovers the lost bow of the legendary Sahaugin Darkcoral ,and in the next room they find a sarcophagus with an unidentified dead kuo-toa priest. Continuing they happen across a giant spherical rock, disturbing it they find it to be a giant tentacle ooze, commanded by a powerful kuo-toa within.

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