• Full Name: Tonga Ogashi
  • Nicknames, Aliases:
  • Age: 18

  • Height: 6'3
  • Weight: 245
  • Skin color: Olive
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Green/Brown
  • Physical Characteristics: Muscular build. Usually covered in dirt from training

  • Place of birth: Veilstone City
  • Current place of residence:  The Dojo is just outside Vielstone City further up the mountain

  •  Education: Black Belt, Ground pokemon
  •  Profession: Worked for his father at the Dojo
  •  Licenses held: Trainer's License
  •  Training: Monster training, Black belt training from grandfather, watching his father and older brothers master martial arts and pokemon.

  • Health Conditions: None - Very Durable
  • Names of friends/family members: 
  • Father: Tanaka Ogashi( Pokemon of choice: Machamp)
  • Eldest Brother: Asamu Ogashi( pokemon of choice Hipmonlee)
  • Second eldest brother: Okra Ogashi (pokemon of choice: hipmonchan)
  • Third eldest brother: Kenji Ogashi( pokemon of choice: Hipmontop)
  • Cousin: Maylene the Veilstone city gym leader 
  • Grandfather: Hiru Ogashi Martial arts master( deseased)

Early Years

Tonga's grandfather, Hiru Ogashi trained Tonga in the ways of karate. He also trained Tonga's father when he came of age. Tanaka took that knowledge and applied it to Pokemon training. He opened up a Martial Arts Dojo further up the mountain in which Veilstone city is located. He believes fighting pokemon are the superior type and accepts challengers daily. Normally a town with a gym, although not offically recognized as one,would not like the added competition of another gym. Unlike most gyms this case it is a matter of family as the Veilstone City gym leader is Tonga's Cousin. All of Tonga's older brothers have learned to master martial arts and pokemon from their father. They now serve as the pre gym match trainers commonly found in most gyms. Tonga has always had a facination with ground pokemon. Their duribility and focus rivaled his own. His first encounter with a ground pokemon was when he tripped over a sandshrew. He now wants to venture forth and capture and train as many ground pokemon as he can in hopes of returning to his fathers dojo to challenge him and his older brothers.