Yorick and friends speak with some of the cities representatives.

Agate Ironlord of the Kova Dwarves seems more concerned with managing the workflow of his forge than Yorick’s quest for captaincy.

Firespitter, of the Free Dwarves, is unimpressed with Yorick and Hunter’s violent nature and lack of appreciation for fine art, but says that he would provide support to Yorick if he could break the Kova’s monopoly on the forge and the metal stores on the Spelljammer.

Hunter and Yorick meet with Astor, the steward of the markets and the store rooms. Astor reveals his concerns about the coming Dark Times. Shortly after a captain is chosen, the Spelljammer locks down the gardens and diverts most of it’s energy there, cutting of the citizens from the food, water and fresh air supplied from there. Astor is not sure why this happens, but what he does know is that when the supplies run thin people resort to raiding and thievery and his markets and store rooms are not safe. If the party can protect the market and store rooms during the dark times, then they will have Astor’s support. He also makes a request of Hunter X. If he would be able to steal a precious ioun stone from Misty Eye, Astor would be much in his debt. Misty Eye leads the dozen or so beholders that survived the Blinding Rot and live in the ruins of their tower on the wing.

Isabella visits with the Giff, hippo humanoids with a dangerous talent for explosives and alchemical destruction. They would offer their support to the captain if he can provide a steady supply of black powder and other supplies. Isabella spends the day learning in their tower.

At the council meeting, a few topics are discussed. The elven leader Admiral Stardawn decries the goblins for apparent acts of thievery and crime. Father Goat asks for donations for his church, while the illithid Trebek offers to take in the surviving gnolls and offer them sanctuary. An umber hulk named Ulrik, representing his neogi master Coh, asks for support in battling something called The Fool, but the other parties dismiss it as baseless rumor. H’carth and Misty Eye announce H’carth’s candidacy for captain and everybody’s inevitable doom and painful death at their hands. The rakshasa Jhota makes an appearance, wearing a mercurial silver bracer, and sitting with Firespitter. Yorick also announces his intent to become captain. After the meeting, Yorick agrees to visit with the elf Stardawn, and CassaRoc, the human representitive of the Order of Pragmatic Thought.

Hunter X’s plan to ambush Misty Eye goes sour when the Beholders see through the Neogi illusions, and Hunter X is knocked out by a barrage of paralyzing eye stalk blasts.

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