Last time, our heroes had made their way to the legendary Spelljammer. and discovered the vibrant and diverse city of people who live there. A strange feeling of familiarity comes over them, a comfortable feeling like coming home after so long. They spend some time getting to know the inhabitants…

Arvanon, the leader of the lizardfolk who watch over and maintain the vast gardens that keep the inhabitants supplied with food, water and fresh air. Arvanon believes fervently that the Spelljammer has always been and always will be, and that it is his duty to help maintain the balance and life cycle of the spelljammer and it’s people. Arvanon recognizes Yorick’s crown as a symbol of candidacy for captain, and offers his knowledge… though says he cannot interfere directly and influence the outcome. Arvanon says that two other candidates are on the ship now, and soon the Spelljammer will call them and choose the most worthy. Arvanon says that Yorick may wish to ingratiate himself with the various factions and peoples on the Spelljammer. If Yorick wishes to announce his candidacy he should do so at the council meeting in two day’s time.

They meet the Shivak, strange organic homunculi that maintain and repair the Spelljammer. The party unfortunately also discovers the Shivak disassembling their spelljammer and removing any other unattended foreign material from the landing bay.

In the markets, Hunter X makes a bad first impression with Astor, the diseased Beholder who manages the ship marketplace and supply stores. Blackfist becomes enamored with Taja, a frost giantess bard working on cataloging the history of the spelljammer’s people, who turns out to be very hospitable.

Isabella wanders over to the Academy of Human Knowledge, where the monk Brother Burke shows her some of their vast collection of books and scrolls, though Isabella finds them disappointingly human-focused. Isabella learns that any of the books and scrolls regarding the spelljammer or previous captains were stolen long ago by a mad wizard and haven’t been seen since.

Hunter X attempts to visit Elven High Command but is turned away at the door.

Yorick and Isabella visit the two dwarven towers. The free dwarves, free spirited dwarves who value art and expression, and the Kova dwarves, rigidly traditional dwarves who value hard work and manage the only lit forge on the spelljammer. Yorick and Isabella negotiate lodging in exchange for labor, and learn a bit about the leader Agate Ironlord Kova, and his heir and nephew Sulfur Darkblood Kova.

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