The Ravager

Used by

Beholders; itself.







Power Type

The Queen's Eye


10 eye stalks

Keel Length


Beam Length


A great weapon built hundreds of years ago for the Sazaur Beholder nation. With the power to destroy whole worlds, it's purpose was to crush the Sazaur's enemies and give them control over all beholder nations.


The Sazaur Nation was one of the strongest of beholder clans until at nine hundred years of age their Hive Queen died. Without the wisdom and protection she provided their society fell into a deep decline. Using a complicated and powerful arcane ritual, the Sazaur elders extracted the Queen's magic and created the quasi-artifact the Queen's Eyes. Using the Eye, with cooperation from the Arcane, they constructed the Ravager.

The Sazaur used the Ravager to conquer their enemies. Unfortunately, they were unable to control their creation and the Ravager ended up wiping out the Sazaur.

The Arcane, having realized their mistake in creating such a powerful object, warded the Ravager with a series of magical defenses, particularly against beholders. In it's hundreds of years of drifting empty space many attempts were made by many parties to wrest control of the Ravager back, though all unsuccessful.

John Tobart, having learned that one such attempt had weakened the Ravager's defenses, set to carrying out his plan to infiltrate and control it. He was successful, but the PCs eliminated him before he could cause too much damage.

In session 2, The Hive, the PCs set the Ravager on a suicide course to the nearest sun, and destroyed the control and power source The Queen's Eye.