The Prime Ditto: On the Origin of Monsters (Paperback)

Dexter Fleming (Author), Constance Little (Author)

Genre: Science, History

Book DescriptionEdit

The Prime Ditto: On the Origin of Monsters, written by then professor of Monster Studies at Unova University Dexter Fleming, explores the Prime Ditto theory on the origin and history of monsters: where they came from, when, and how they propogated and grew.

Controversial in the scientific community, The Prime Ditto challenges many common beliefs and leaves the reader questioning monster history as we know it.

About the AuthorEdit

Dexter Fleming is an avid historian, archeologist, and monster-researcher, and is usually traveling from one dig site to another. Previously, he taught at Unova University and has published many papers on monster studies.

When not in the field, Dexter lives in Castelia City, where he works as head archivist at the city library.

Reader Reviews (Avg. 2.5/5 stars, 7 reviews)Edit

1/5 An insult to the scientific community

by E.Varnes

Another crackpot theory from so-called 'historian' Fleming. If I can pay him one compliment, it's that his ability to spout mindless drivel for pages on end only improves with every publication. I will personally be visiting local bookstores to move this waste of paper to the fiction section.

3.5/5 Thought Provoking!

by T.Williams

A unique, and thought provoking read that explores new territory. It reads enthusiasticaly (if a bit rambling) and it's hard not to get drawn in.

Dexter paints a believable and fascinating picture of ancient monsters.

I hope to see more from Dexter in the future, despite the unwarranted flak and criticism he seems to receive from his peers.

2/5 Struggling with Chapter 4 by archiballs075

my prof is making me rsd this for our survey of contemprary poketheory class. chapter four makes no sense. everyone knows hat scythe is a class four mutation of the beedrill line, MORON. I cante wajt till this semester is over