Our heroes stare befuddled at the mess of levers and buttons in the manufactury. They discuss and decide that they need to create the grey keycard to explore the lower levels of the factory. Unsure how the arcane machine functions, they begin to poke and prod at the controls. The machine whirs to life, gears turn, pistons fire, and the conveyer belts begin to move awaiting input. Their first attempt is a failure, with nothing but a pile of burnt scrap emerging from the producer. But, learning from their mistakes, they suceed, and a shiny grey keycard is their prize.

When they make to collect their card, they stumble upon the factory mail room. Inside, they find an advertisment and tickets to an event called the "Song of the Spheres", a massive intersphere music concert being held on a distant planet. Intruiged, they pocket the tickets for later.

Bypassing the grey door, and narrowly advoiding the devious traps awaiting them, they find the room where the Project Rakshasa prototype waits idle. Upon entering, the machine springs to life, spewing planar turmoil in every which way. Designed to allow instantaneous travel for Spelljammers using planar technology, the malfunctioning machine rips tears in space-time, spewing flame and noxious gas and zombies and ice and more. In time they destroy the failed prototype, finally ending the chaos.

They gather some valuable materials from the room before returning to the manufactury, creating the Hydra, a small two man fighter spelljammer, and some power armor for Yorick.

With their spoils they leave the dead planet of Aballon behind.

Next Session: Adagio

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