The party sets down on the grey, scarred landscape of Aballon. Amongst the ruined city lies a facility hewn of stone and metal that seems relatively undamaged. A sign hanging from the door reads Duncan Heavy Industries.

Within, the party explores the long abandoned factory. They piece together stories about the people who worked here and their last days before some cataclysm took the planet. They learn about the factories purpose, and the myriad of high-tech gnomish products that can be made there.

However, the grip of the material plane on this place is tenuous at best. The party finds portals to other planes wrecking havoc on the factory: the cafeteria inhabited by denziens of the shadow plane, an office spewing magma, a conference room filled with positive energy, an undead employee and more.

Yet the question remains as what caused this planar maelstrom: was it the mysterious Project Rakshasa alluded to in the engineer's notes? What was it's true purpose?

The party stands in the control room for the manufactory, trying to make sense of the mess of levers and buttons...

Next Session: The Most Toys (Part 3)

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