This is a summation of episode 13 of the Landscape.

The party travels across Death's domain, eventually arriving on the shore of the island, a long beach littered with a graveyard of broken and battered airships. The Bronze Knights set about repairing a ship to a useable state while the group searches around the beach for forgotten treasures. Darvin finds a chest inside one old Githyanki ship containing eight stained glass spheres depicting the biography of a Githyanki lich queen.

Repairs on the newly dubbed The Moneyist are completed in quick order, and they hoist their sail; a Myaner emblem dyed into it's folds. Clamp navigates for Reginald who pilots the ship, and before a few days are up, they can see a red strand in the distance. Following the directions of Death Himself, they head straight for it, but are beset upon by Githyanki pirates. The party charges through, firing their ballistas at the pirates, but a few manage to board the ship. The battle is fought quickly, and the boarders are repelled to the last man.

Reaching the end of the Strand, the Moneyist re-enters the Astral Aether near to the Isles of Carceri. Death's directions point straight to the heart of the islands... They'll have to get in if they want to find Linger.

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