The Landscape


Dungeons and Dragons 4E




Jake, Dan, Shubert, Cristina, Andrew P, Trevor, Ahmed, Bryson, Alex, Andrew K

The Landscape is a dark and dangerous place. A land beyond the civilized borders of Karthoogh . Your adventure begins in Grem's Slide , a small outpost on the borders between civilized, ordered land ruled by fair and just kings, and the Landscape.


Landscape Character Chart

Relationship Chart

Notable NPC's and FactionsEdit




Character GoalsEdit

A list of character's goals in an unprioritzied list:

  • Hunt down and kill the dragons on Mac's Hit List
  • Alternative: Locate and ally with the dragons on Mac's Hit List
  • Help Beast and Irith grow the Flower of Cleasning
  • Aid the Bronze Knights in fighting off the Sahaugin raiders
  • Save the town of Esakar Landing from the incoming tsunami
  • Find Bahamut's Exarch Taluka
  • Kill Dras - the warrior who is eluding Death's grasp
  • Recover the remaining shards of Mishra the Blade that Killed Goramel
  • Protect the territory formerly belonging to Linger.
  • Learn more about the Rose Mist Court/Alate Council
  • Retrieve the Darkcoral set.
  • Recover the Orb of Serpents from Bronxinullst .
  • Establish portals to the Love Dimension and train guardians for each portal.
  • Kill Ametemnon (avenge Roger)
  • Prevent the destruction of the world at the hands of Broxinullst
  • Learn more about Kahn Arborsbane
  • Investigate the book: Seed of Darkness
  • Track down the planar dopplegangers [MijMij, Dlaniger, Tahpot, Nivrad]
  • Investigate the Farwall Prophesies
  • Investigate the Purple Terror
  • Find Zola Zucconi Phrojekt 's lost artifacts
  • Rescue Ehotha
  • Deal with Banshee Leanor.
  • Raise Vincent Johann Tortorelli to be an upstanding citizen.
  • Pray for Karth Heartstring at a shrine of Pelor
  • Learn more about the lost gensai tribes
  • Free the citizens of Glasshaven from their curse
  • Learn Wong 's secret
  • Map the Landscape
  • Prevent the Esakar Empire 's invasion of Grem's Slide/Karthoogh[Failed}
  • Recapture the Seven Deadly Winds
  • Tophat to become an Emissary of Death

List of EpisodesEdit

(list of The Landscape Episodes)



Map of the Final Battle against Broxinulst

The Landscape

The Landscape - Leanor Farwall

Artifacts and Magical ItemsEdit

For information on artifacts and magical items that appear in The Landscape campaign, please visit the Artifacts of The Landscape wiki page.

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