The party enters the temple of Olidamara and search the empty theatre while the ever trigger-happy Baron Ramrod announces their entrance by blasting an unfortunate mouse that startles him.

Within, Zook suddenly feels a weapon to his back and a voice that commands  him to stop.. after some questions are asked they realize that the bounty hunter pair Rose and Dara have beat them here and mistook them for Tamandraug's minions. The party tries to work out an arrangement with the rifle-bearing pixie and warforged summoner but their conversation is cut short by a thick fog that billows into the theatre. The fog has a magical effect and clouds the minds and dulls the senses: a trick Tamandraug has used before in his previous escapades. Rose and Dara quickly escape but the party sticks around when they hear approaching footsteps. A number of spriggans have entered the temple but Zook blocks them off with a wall of force. When the spriggans refuse to back down they magically grow to large size and begin to climb over the wall. Battle breaks out and the fey attack with mysterious obsidian bladed daggers that seem to cause some sort of mental affect as well.

Through the fog, Hunter X spots a Tamandrag-like figure skulking through the halls and gives chase, intercepting the criminal. Tamandrag warns Hunter to stay out of his way... Hunter isn't having any of it and cuts down one of the spriggan guards before Tamandrag reaches out and casts a feeblemind spell.

At this point Rose and Dara rejoin the battle, but despite walls of force, warforged charge attacks and well placed gun shots Tamandrag is able to teleport away from the engagement and into the city. Zook takes to the skies to track their prey and they chase him to the train station in the middle of the ward. Hunter X, the first to arrive thanks to his haste boots, makes a running leap over the tracks to gain ground on Tamandrag. Unfortunately in his feebleminded state he failed to follow his own teachings and didn't look, listen or smell long enough to avoid the uncoming train.

Yorick collects Hunter's broken body and returns to the guard house, while Zook and Ramrod continue the hunt. They track him to an old run down apartment building. Zook alters self to appear like one of the residents of the apartment to search the building unnoticed, while explosions rock the structure as Ramrod take the more direct approach. Ramrods attempts attracts the attention of elven city guards that try to detain him while Zook is able to find a maitenance hatch that leads into the city sewers and tracks the suggest Tamandraug escaped below.

The party decided to regroup at the city guard headquarters.

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