The Exalted are the elite inqusitors of Dougal Stuthbert. They act as his generals and advisors,led the armies of Glenroth during the crusades, and are feared and respected for their immense skill and power. They are granted much autonomy, each with their own holdings and armies, meeting twice a year at Castle Carrick to plan their campaigns and report to Dougal.

The Mongrel KnightEdit

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A controversial character in Dougal's retinue, the Mongel Knight is an immense half-ogre male named Dúchas. With a muscular build, rugged features and scarred face, he is an intimidating presence indeed. It is said that on one of his crusades Dougal's forces cleansed an ogre encampment where he found the baby Dúchas and had him brought back to Carrick Mor where he was raised and trained to fight. 

It is said that the Mongrel Knight's spirit is stuck between the two sides of his ancestry. At most times, he is calm, gentlemanly and kind, with a love of music and the finer things in life. But rarely he is consumed by a burning rage and bloodlust. This unpredictable nature makes him even more dangerous.

The Rose KnightEdit

The Salamander KnightEdit

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A woman from the distant desert kingdom of Al-Tarut. Iris' family was sold into slavery when she was young. While her mother was suffering a particularly violent punishment from their cruel masters, Iris stole a weapon, killed the slavers and fled with her family, eventually arriving in Glenroth.

Iris used her natural skills in combat to earn their keep in Glenroth, fighting in arenas and combat tournaments across the country. She eventually fought her way into a highly prestigious contest that Dougal was attending. Impressed by her skill and passion, Dougal offered her a position in his retinue.

Iris is a fiery woman with little patience for anybody she sees as inferior. She believes in the strongest of the fittest and taking control of your own destiny.

The Horned KnightEdit

The Marble KnightEdit

The Lion KnightEdit

Bruenor is widely considered to be Dougal's strongest knight, and perhaps one of the strongest knights in all the realms. He's known to be kind, chivalrous, just and pure, a paragon of knightly ideals. He was born into a wealthy noble family close to the Stuthberts, and enrolled into the army at a young age before eventually earning his way into a knighthood. 

He is accompanied by his lion companion Sagramour, whom he befriended during a campaign to a distant land during the crusades. They are rarely seen apart.

Bruenor and Sagramour are credited with the slaying of Gharrah, the last dragon. The story is told in countless songs and poems, but it's never told quite the same way twice.

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