This is a summation of episode 28 of the Landscape season 2.

Our heroes board the blast rail to the North town of Border, hoping to track down more of the demons plaguing the Eastern Kingdoms. On the train they encounter a variety of strange folk.

On the second day of the trip, during breakfast, the train falls under attack! Yellow, the deadly wind of Fear, begins tearing the roof off of the train cars, and pouring in a toxic fear gas that causes it's victims to hallucinate a goblin attack. While the rest of the party, and a bystanding tiefling wizard fall under the effects of the gas, Gerrard resists it's effects and takes to the roof of the train to combat Yellow.

The wind attempts to escape Gerrard's attack, but the invoker strikes true with the sword of Umberlee and recaptures the demon.

Everyone regroups, and the tiefling wizard Whisper joins the group, hoping to aid them in rounding up the remaining 5 winds. Gerrard dumps the scorpion bowl off the train as it passes over the surface of a deep and dark lake. 

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