Mubaarak stands before the intimidating fire giant and declares to the party “Enough is enough! Do not resist any longer! Hand Hunter over to me and the rest of you may go!” With a wave of his hand, dozens of tiles on the mosaic floor of the palace lobby slide open and spout forth jets of flame and plumes of choking smoke, forcing the party into the garden where the giant and mubaarak awaits. The battle continues, though after taking a bad hit from the giant’s greatsword Yorick is badly wounded and decides they need a new strategy. The party disengages and heads towards the portal, hoping to find a way to return to the city of brass.  Mubaarak takes a moment to recuperate before sending the giant Pyris and Pocha after them. The party recalls that Mr. Pocha had a small charm he used to activate the portal, and focus their attentions on him. Mr. Pocha proves to be an elusive opponent, polymorphing wings and using his natural teleportation ability to avoid the parties attempts to capture him before hunter finally succumbs to his domination magic, forcing him to return to Pyris and Mubaarak.

Wounded and exhausted from the battle, and down a party member, the team reavaluate their situation and decide they can no longer face Mubaarak head on and agree to his terms. They leave Hunter with an exuberant Mubaarak and return to the city of brass, and begin forming their plan to return and free Hunter from Mubaarak’s control...

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