This is a summation of episode 4 of The Landscape season 3.

Johann, Tophat, Zanos and Connect arrive in Esakar Landing. The bustling trade city of just over 7,000 citizens sprawls out before them, and the adventurers immediately set to worrying about their various plans, ideas and conflicting goals regarding the impending tsunami.

Connect heads immediately for the Love Portal, and warns the Champion Saphae about the propheted disaster. Saphae directs Connect to the mayor.

The halfling mayor Ontilo Widetoe, lauded by the city as a likeable and down to earth politician, listens in rapt, but confused attention as Connect details the tsunami and it's deadly impact on the city. Despite this, Ontilo has no sense of the true gravity of the situation, and turns to his trusted advisor Solomon.

Solomon asks the group for proof, which they are unable to provide, and the adventurers leave frustrated. As they kick their heels in a local tavern, Solomon shows up and proposes a plan to them: he'll help them find evidence of the incoming tsunami, if Connect coordinates the evacuation, and the adventurers lure the Sahaugin raiders and a significant chunk of Ametemnon's army into the blast zone of the tsunami. Tophat especially agrees with this, in order to maintain the necessary balance of life and death mandated by his position as Emissary. 

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