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Ages ago during his mortal life, Solomon was the royal treasurer to the king of a powerful nation. A cold, impersonable and immensely greedy man, he squeezed every copper coin out of the kingdom he could, while skimming a considerable amount off the top for himself. He beguiled, fixed, cheated, stole, and fostered corruption in the courts. Though he left the common people of the kingdom destitute, his crimes were mostly ignored by the powerful men who were made rich by his tax schemes, quick to turn a blind eye for a little gold.

Pushed to the brink, the people rebelled against the nobility, and eventually overthrew the castle and slew the king. Solomon knew there was no way he’d escape the castle alive, but wasn’t ready to give up his wealth to anyone. With the angry mob bashing at his door, he completed the final incantations of the ritual that transferred his vast fortunes to a pocket dimension, hidden away from the world. In his haste to complete the spell while the rebels banged at his door, he was unable to control the ritual fully and not even he knows where his fortunes ended up. Soon enough, the rebels caught up with him and he was quickly sentenced to death by hanging.

Solomon’s greed proved too much even for death to overcome, and his spirit clinged to the world, longing to find and recover his horde. Seeing some usefulness left in this tortured soul, Death recruited Solomon to assist him with his bookkeeping skills: to help ensure the balance between life and death is maintained, to manage the funds of Death’s servants, and to facilitate the logistics of Death’s countless minions. Death granted Solomon an undead body and took him into his flock... however, Solomon’s crimes were not to go unpunished, and he was afflicted by a powerful curse: any gold, precious metals or gems he touches quickly turn to ash.

As one of his newest emissaries, Tophat McMonocle is being watched carefully by Death to make certain he’s fulfilling his duties. Solomon has been assigned to Tophat to ensure this. Basically, Solomon was sent to Tophat to audit him, though it also is his responsibility to assist Tophat in any way he can.

Today, after ages of undeath, and tortured by the curse that prevents him from pursuing his desire for wealth, Solomon is a logical, unemotional man more concerned with business and numbers that anything else. He’s a quick talker and thinker and can easily figure out how to turn almost any situation or work any system to his favour.

The Vault of Solomon Edit

Any extraplanar adventurer worth his salt has heard stories of Solomon's Vault, the legendary stash of treasure hidden so well not even it's creator can find it. Rumors say that anybody who dares take even a copper piece from the vault will be inflicted with Solomon's curse and haunted by the long-dead treasurer. That is, if it can even be found...

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