This is a summation of episode 3 of the Landscape season 3.

Our adventurers split up, with the majority of the group heading east to Esakar Landing. Gerrard and Mac head South, returning to Mac's forest home, hoping to find some clue to the whereabouts of Taluka, Bahamut's missing exarch.

Gerrard leads the way to the camp that the knights had been using before the disappearance. A dozen tents, ripped, shredded and partially burnt are tossed about the camp. Careful investigation reveals that the tents have been placed into a pattern. The pattern is a symbol Gerrard recognizes to be Knights of the Canary field code, and he follows the clue West, where he and Mac meet the three surviving members of the violent raid. Leon, Norm and Percy, all quirky individuals, and questionably capable knights at best, join Gerrard to find the missing exarch.

Their hunt leads them to a secret entrance in the side of a low hill, a massive tunnel within it leads them down into a massive subterranean magma chamber. Here a large force of warforged and devils keep the surviving knights and the exarch prisoner.

Mac leads the charge in, furious that these creatures have set up shop within his territory. Together, the five of them cause a distraction (read: battle) that gives Taluka and his men the opportunity to free themselves and join in on the action.

Once the battle ends and the knights are freed, Taluka asks Gerrard to join him in taking out a warforged manufacturing facility on the South edge of the Titanium Teeth. Mac awards temporary citizenship to the Knights of the Canary.

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