This is a summation of episode 16 of The Landscape season 2.

The Conflict II: The Moneyist comes in to port in Sigil, the hub city of the planes. Before long, the entire group is split up, scouring the huge city for bargains, and most of the group find something they're looking for.

Johann and JimJam bond over tattoos, Kel gets an ioun stone, Tophat commissions a new suit (very amaging if I do say so myself), Reginald replaces not just his missing eye, but his remaining one as well, and Darvin purchases some rare elemental bugs. Heck, they even find Ron, destitute, starving and desperate to get back to the material plane!

As they sail away from Sigil, everyone is happy with what they got, but no one is positive they weren't completely swindled by the Astral salesmen and their underhanded tactics. Regardless, the ship slips through the portal to the Prime Material Plane, and they touch down into the Razor Sea, sailing straight in towards the Landscape. As Esakar Landing looms on the horizon, the group realizes that the city isn't so small anymore, some big changes have taken place... and these kinds of large stone castles take a lot of time to build.

How long have they been gone?

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