Earthbending Architect ExtraordinaireEdit

He is widely known for his unique and masterfully chiseled stone buildings. He has recently began designing a new outer wall for Ba Sing Se. Clearly a student of earth bending he is hoping to have stone buildings in all four nations to leave his mark on the world and on the earth. He has a pet Badgermole who acts as Shen's mount and protector from the rifraf of the world named Sejuani.  Shen was a great earthbender but really refined his work and grew his fame because of what he had learned from Sejuani. Shen is an only child with no living family so he is very dependant on his friends.  He is terrified of getting left alone as he feels he'd be abandoned by his friends.  Throughout his career as an architect he constantly found one other on his skill level of work.  His name... Xin Zhao.  He is a sadistic man who loves to get under Shen's skin.  He is quite effective at it too.

Stats Edit


Strength: 2

Dexterity: 2

Constitution: 4

Intelligence: 4

Perception: 4

Willpower: 4

Life Points: 34

Endurance Points: 35

Speed: 12

Essence Pool: 20


Animail Companion(Sejuani the Badgermole): 4

Artistic Talent(Architect): 3

Gifted: 5

Well off: 4


Adversary(Xin Zhao): -3

Attractivness: -2

Cowardice(fear of hurting other people or becoming hurt): -2

Emotional Dependency(friends): -1

Fear of Rejection: -1

Slow Metabolism: -1


Agriculture: 1

Beauracracy: 5

Craft(Buildings): 5

Escapism: 3

Fine Arts(Architect): 5

Martial Arts: 4

Myth and Legend: 2


Dust Devil: 5

Earthen Shell: 5

Earth Trap: 2

Earthen Travel: 1

Earth Tower: 1

Earth Wall: 2

Shift Earth: 3

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