This is a summation of episode 22 of the Landscape season 2.

Deep in the caverns beneath the surface of the Landscape, the group encounters a lone drow reading by lantern-light while on their hunt for JimJam's evil doppleganger. The dark elf questions them about their presence, and Reginald knocks the poor man out, hoping to avoid further alarms. Suddenly, a knocking from the other side of the wall draws their attention to a secret doorway, and Connect throws it wide open. Another drow, this one an undercover agent of the dark elf queen, comes in looking for his friend.

Together the two drow beseech the group for help - a rebel group dedicated to a rival of the queen has allied with MijMaj, and at his direction, kidnapped the Queen of the Dark Elves. The group jump at the chance to capture the halfling, and plan a blitz of the warehouse being used to house the hostage. After a quick but fierce clash with Drow soldiers, the party captures the bandit doppleganger, and interrogate him. They discover that along with MijMaj, dopplegangers of Reginald, Darvin, and Tophat have also made their way to the Prime Material Plane, although he has  no idea as to their current whereabouts. It is discovered that the halfling has been in possession of a shard of Mishra the Blade that Killed Goramel. Tophat conceals the blade from the drow.

With some trepidation, the group hand MijMaj over to the Queen, who assures the group that the halfling faces a dire fate - execution by giant arachnids. The group returns to the surface, and then to Grem's Slide. Connect meets an old ex-corsair Mer-Dwarf who has been horribly maimed by life as an adventurer. She introduces him to the teachings of Lovebot, and once she opens a portal to the Love Dimension, the dwarf enters and is healed by the Great Gear Box in the Sky, and commits to being the Champion of Love in the town of Grem's Slide.

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