• Full Name: Ronald Winchester
  • Nicknames,Aliases:The Wizard (sweet high school name)
  • Age: 26

  • Height: 5'10
  • Weight: 160
  • Skin color/Ethinicity: smooth mocha
  • Eyes: hazel
  • Hair: shoulder length dirty blonde
  • Physical Characteristics (marks, scars, tattoos): physically fit but slim, scars on arms from dealing with pokemon for a living. thick rimmed glasses, and sexy as hell, light scruff.

  • Place of birth: Some unnamed small town
  • Current place of residence:Goldenrod

  •  Education: Pokemon handling, business school
  •  Profession: Pokemon day care
  •  Licenses held (Owners License, Trainer's License, Hunting License, etc. Ask me for more): 
  •  Training, badges, belts, medals, rank, awards, honors, etc.: Owners license

  • Health Conditions: poor eye sight
  • Names of friends/family members (Emergency Contacts): Father and Mother are named Ruth and Glen, one younger sister named Kim


Personality wise very driven, he has a strict moral code when it comes to dealing with monsters, he's a social butterfly and has a jolly disposition to most things.