Sorry we missed you!Edit

Dear Ron:

I hope this letter finds you well. We came calling at your shop but you weren't in. How is business? I hope you're seeing some profits from the boom of development in Grem's Slide.

I've been busy. Dragons to slay, coastlines to map, you know how it is. If you have some free time in the future you should come with us to see the ocean! It's vast beyond imagination, absolutely stunning.
I'm afraid this isn't merely a social call. I need your help. I hesitate to go into detail in writing, but we need information about Zola and her artifacts. Particularly regarding her experiments in astral projection. If you have any suggestions as to how we might find them, please let me know. If possible, we should meet to discuss matters further. We will soon be heading north past the mountains, but we will stop by Grem's Slide when we can.
Take care, my friend.

P.S: Have you noticed Wong acting strangely lately? He's been rather evasive with us.

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