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Game 1Edit


Game 1

Dan Die Mechaniker Held On
Jake Imperial Balkania Victory
Shaun The Saharan Republic Held On
Shubert Khan Industries Held On
Trevor Enclave of the Bear Held On

News Feed

  • Border dispute in southeast asia erupts into war between Khan Industries and the Enclave of the Bear. Frequent attempts at negotiation fail and the long war claims countless lives.
  • Imperial Balkania annexes former territories of the Die Mechanika and Saharan Republic. With this move Balkania becomes the undisputed power in the western hemisphere.

Game 2Edit

Dan Die Mechaniker Held On
Jake Khan Industries Held On
Shaun Enclave of the Bear Held On
Shubert Imperial Balkania Victory
Trevor The Saharan Republic Held On

News Feed

  • Conflict over resource rich southeast asia continues as the Imperial Balkania and Saharan Republic vie for control.
  • Khan Industries buys out South America from it's bankrupt government. With It's empire covering all the Americas, Khan Industries seeks to expand eastward...
  • In a bold power play, Imperial Balkania seizes key locations in the eastern hemisphere and gains control over the region.

Game 3Edit


Game 3

Dan Imperial Balkania Held On
Jake Die Mechaniker Held On
Shaun The Saharan Republic Held On
Shubert Enclave of the Bear Victory
Trevor Khan Industries

Held On

News Feed

  • An alliance is formed between the Saharan Republic in North America and Khan Industries in South America. In response, Die Mechaniker in Europe and the Imperial Balkania in Africa sign a non-aggression pact.
  • Greenland invades Iceland: in retaliation the Die Mechaniker launch ICBMs at the Saharan Republic.
  • A non-aggression pact between Die Mechaniker and the Enclave of the Bear forms the longest demilitarized border in the world.
  • In a concerted effort, the Imperial Balkania and Khan Industries push into Europe, capturing the Die Mechaniker capital. Guerrilla Mechaniker forces are able to reclaim the capital, but all three factions are crippled in the bloody conflict.
  • The Enclave of the Bear divert forces into Africa to occupy the impoverished and war-torn area, while dissolving the unstable North American government.

Notable Events

  • Shubert becomes first player to win two games
  • Ninth and final minor city placed.


  • Shubonia. Formerly Australia, named by Shubert in game 2



  • Emerald City. Founded by Shubert in game 3
  • Tex Mex. Founded by Jake in game 1


  • Badgerton. Founded by Dan in game 2
  • Dicktopia. Founded by Dan in game 1
  • Grem's Slide . Founded by Shaun in game 2
  • La Trevilla. Founded by Trevor in game 3
  • Mushroom Coast. Founded by Shubert in game 1
  • Trevfor. Founded by Trevor in game 1
  • Trevsylvania. Founded by Trevor in game 2
  • Urep. Founded by Jake in game 1
  • Winterhold. Founded by Shaun in game 1

The End?Edit

After Shubert's stunning back-to-back victories, the other players; their morale eternally shattered; stricken with fear and unwilling to face the incredible expansions that lay in wait, chose to concede victory to Shubert.

Years passed, and despite Shubert's persistant invitations to face him once again, the other players continue to cower in the shadows as Shubert basks in the glory of what he can only assume is his eternal championship title of Risk Legend.

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