The Black Market Tradesman (an email from Shubert to Dan)
Richard Miller01

You would be living on Focus, the most populated planet in the known universe. You're living in its main city (which houses most of the planets population) in the slums. Although you could originally be from anywhere, I see you growing up here, in the slums. Your parents were poor and had it rough, you knew that was your destiny too, but at some point decided a life in the black market was better than winding up starving to death like some. Technology here is easier to get than food, that being said, if you have the right parts, some people will pay you (or trade you) more than enough to eat healthy. So you've probably been working here for a while, you've gotten good at knowing good deals and making them. You may not be living like a king, but you're not dying either. The dream of someday leaving the slums probably seem like just that, a dream, at this point. But you're always looking for an opportunity just in case it ever shows up. You probably deal mostly in ship parts, and although you've probably never been in a ship, you could probably build one if you had to.

Ping Pong JacksonEdit

Richard Miller's alter ego. Using advanced cosmetic surgery performed on Vegas II, Richard Miller was able to disguise himself and hide in plain sight from Atkinson.

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