This is summation of episode 8 of the Landscape season 3.

The Tsunami dealt with, and nearly all of Tophat's quota met, the group decides it is time to begin tackling the real threat: Broxinullst. They call in Mac, and together the group discusses and debates the best course of action to take. Some want to ally with Ounjerul and Frichadar, others just want to kill them. Some want to go to Sigil to find weapons capable of harming the Titanium dragon, others never want to leave the Landscape for fear of being unable to return.

In the end, it is decided they will travel to Arcimen; Broxinullst's former lair, and the suspected prison of the powerful dragons Ounjerul and Frichadar. They set sail from Esakar Landing and arrive on the island without event. They delve back into the ruins and retrace their steps from so many years ago. There is evidence in the ruins that several dragons have fought here since their last visit, and upon arriving in the treasure chamber at the root of the ziggurat, they see pools of cooled lava covering the floors.

Mac and Tophat locate a secret door which takes them down into the furnace-like depths beneath the treasure chamber, and they brave a massive tunnel with floating platforms to find a golem-door protecting the entrance to the next chamber. Zanos - having had personal experience with Broxinullst while he was alive, tries the name of Broxinullst's former mate as a password, and it works. They step throught he door to find a coiled dracolich, angry at being awoken!

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