This is a summation of episode 30 of The Landscape campaign, season 2.

Having captured Orange, the third Deadly Wind, our heros wonder where to search next on their hunt for the rampaging demons. Upon leaving the ruins of Aerie, they notice that the clouds over Brightomb seem to be breaking up, the storm subsiding. Curious about this, they head straight to the heart of the overcast stretch of jungle. While still wet and the occasional bolt of lightning strikes from time to time, it seems as though the storm is ending.

They safely explore the deserted city of Brightomb, and find traces of a lone looter throughout the city, as well as a dragon tracks. In the topmost chamber in a high tower, they find the remnants of a dragon's den, the floor and walls shredded by dragon claws, and dull blue scales litter the ground. Here they find a secret panel in the desk with a note sealed with the sigil of Giash'nul, the elven god of mountain forests. The note, from Gaeon Mancragg to his distant love (whom never recieve the letter obviously), mentions a great secret that he had to sell in order to save the world, and his earnest wish for the letter's recepient to go along with the deal.

The adventurers head south again, this time spending some time speaking with Mylene and Clara in Yaral, finding out some news about the winds. This leads them further south once more, and they arrive in Phialophos, the limestone city. Turns out Red had been through recently, the demon's power to incite rage and anger caused a two day riot that even weeks later the town is still cleaning up after. Hoping to find more clues, they visit a tavern frequented by the snooty high elves, and find Connect! The tiefling cleric has news about the demons, who have apparantly kidnapped Dissect (her father). This drastic change in the demon's method startles the group, and they rush to Ardour to track down the fiends.

The search leads them to Leftscar Volcano, where the demons appear to be waiting for an attack. Attempting to battle their way up the mountain proves to be no easy task when both Red and Indigo take it upon themselves to stop them! After nearly falling at the hands of Indigo, Gerrard strikes at the weakened Red with the Sword of Umberlee and entraps the demon. Indigo, who is no fool, knows his battle is lost, and flees to the peak of the volcano, with the adventurers in hot pursuit!

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