This is a summation of episode 23 of the Landscape season 2.

Reginald recieves a letter from former swordmaster Otilannan Milner about his failed attempt to infiltrate Farwall. Taking the advice implied in the letter, the group travels to the Capital to ask for assistance from the priests of Pelor.

They find the church disturbed by violence: two followers of the Titanium God are attacking the cleric of Pelor. The group intervenes, but are attacked by the two cultists, and one of them is revealed to be a warforged wearing a false skin to disguise himself as human. They cut down the cultists, and the cleric offers the group a powerful blessing as a thank you.

Tophat refuses the blessing, due to his affiliation with Death Himself, and seeks out his own brand of help, finding a vampire mortician with a knowlege of powerful rituals.

Arriving in Farwall, the adventurers attempt to avoid the route taken by Milner, and enter the grounds from behind. Darvin pacifies a pack of ghost dogs in the yard, and inside they fight their way through a few undead servants and men-at-arms. Finally they stand before Leanor's room, and Reginald, being such a close mentor to the girl for so long, asks the group to wait while he goes in alone. Once he's inside, Leanor unleashes a powerful shriek, and the entire group passes out, and each have a strange vision.

They awaken back out in the courtyard, and they return to Leanor's room and try again, this time with cotton batting twisted into their ears. Reginald enters, and again Leanor shouts. With the wadding to protect them from the noise, the group doesn't pass out, but does experience a strange vertigo, and the visions play out before their eyes. Reginald  reaches out to Leanor, appealing to her mortal personality. The banshee grabs and breaks his outstretched hand. 

Reginald draws the Fighter's Blade in his left hand, and cleaves Leanor through the chest. The banshee falls unconcious, and Connect rushes in to see what she can do. With no ideas or alternatives, Connect floods the banshee with positive energy, disintegrating what is left of Leanor, and breaking the curse on Farwall.

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