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"The End"Edit

The End was played, but at the time, was never summarized. To be brief, the team takes down Atkinson and the cybernetically zombified Vance Kruger, Gabe and the Crew of the Alibi escape with Harrison’s robot and the disguised Richard Miller as Ping Pong Jackson. Robot and Gabriel stay behind to and sacrifice their lives to kill Atkinson and Vance for good. They are both killed (except Gabe who may or may not live on with extreme cybernetic surgery, which he is highly against) in a bomb which Atkinson detonates upon his death. The rest all head back into the ship, where the entire crew of the Alibi is waiting and Maze and his team join along to help save Focus from being destroyed by Atkinson’s “time bomb.” Awkward moments between “Ping Pong” and his ‘girlfriend’. They reach the bomb in time to disarm it and return home as heroes. Ping Pong goes back to being Richard and Walter becomes an even more successful business man. Gabriel returns in Remnant 2.0 as a zombified cyborg.