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"Tick, tock, tick, tock...‏" (Part 2)Edit

The next day Richard is asked by Commander Malachi Reinhold (not Malcolm Reynolds) to use his mechanical skills on a robot that had just come in. Seeing which robot it is and having watched the Regis' security files, they come up with a plan where they will unleash a virus on the complex. The plan goes over quite well and while the Robot hangs out in the junkyard and Gabriel lay in prison, the power for the whole complex shuts down. They come up with another plan which will distract the large number of armed guards and give them a window of opportunity where they can hopefully make inside the building and find Gabriel & the others (the Captain and Victor). Walter's robot creates absolute chaos outside, driving cars into each other, into  buildings, etc and Richard begins to make his way down to the bottom of the building where Richard is being held. He eventually sees a familiar fellow recruit, who questions him and they end up drawing their guns on each other. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion!