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"Jungle Boogie"Edit

The crew of the Regis is headed towards Canopy, a largely unpopulated planet that is mostly a dense jungle. Walter Harrison has received information that there is another Virtual Reality Prison here and the group intends to make some allies or at least gain some information. As they descend towards the planet’s surface, they see a large plume of smoke billowing over top where the VRP is supposed to be. They land nearby and as they walk towards the wreckage, two men walk out of the jungle, looking even more dazed and confused than Dick and Gabe after Patience. Gabriel and Richard recognize one of the men as the scrappy looking blonde-haired Captain Whitaker of the Alibi (the ship they caught a ride with on the way to Rally) and Walter recognizes the other as Shiro Zetsobou, a rival businessman. They claim to have both been taken by Atkinson's goons, but a more pressing matter is at hand; There was a third person in the prison, and as far as they can tell, he was dragged off by what they describe as head-hunters. The group finds a trail and follows it into the thick of the jungle. After about half an hour of bushwhacking, the group makes it into a clearing: A clearing taken up by an entire tribal village... and all the tribal people, of course! They see a man strapped to what looks like a spit resting above an unlit fire. Lead by some sort of Shaman or witch-doctor, fighters quickly form a wall of spears between the crew and their newly acquired prisoner. They put up a good fight, but the superior weapons of the group makes quick work of their best warriors and the crew makes off with their prisoner. They get back to the ship and the man introduces himself as Victor Kaen, brother to the late Harlum Kaen, Gabriel's friend and contact. The Regis blasts off of Canopy towards the sun, for dramatic effect.