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"Bustin' Loose"Edit

Last time on Remnant, our favourite assholes, Richard Miller and Gabriel Hiru were stuck on a pleasant little island-village known as Patience. Richard awakes to a knock on his door; it is his wedding day and he has to get ready. After some people come to give Richard and Gabriel their clothes and explain some of the more standard wedding details with them, a stately looking older man in a wheelchair arrives. He introduces himself as Walter Harrison and carefully reveals that the peaceful hamlet they've been living in and interacting with for last few weeks has all been an illusion. He explains further, stating that the virtual reality simulation they've been living in was of his own design. The program was never intended to keep people imprisoned and now, in search of allies, he is freeing those who have been taken by Atkinson's men and placed inside the program. It becomes clear that the program has been alerted to the intrusion as guards begin to arrive at the house. The group dispatches a few without too much effort, but decide they should probably leave without any further delay. After some hasty hacking and precarious programming, they make it out of the virtual reality, waking up in a room largely empty save several large VR machines. Richard and Gabriel, now free from their virtual shackles and guided by Walter's voice, escape the small prison more or less unscathed. A robot avatar of Walter Harrison's waits outside in the increasingly ambiguously named ship. They decide to head to Precinct in search of some answers. On Precinct, Richard seeks medical attention for a nasty habit he inadvertently picked up in Patience.  Meanwhile, Gabriel goes to talk to his contact, Harlum Kaen, who is more than a little nervous. It becomes apparent that he has been threatened by someone and so Gabriel leaves with more questions than answers, deciding to survey Kaen's office for a few days. That night, some business men go to see Harlum and, as Gabriel later finds out, murder him via a lethal syringe to the neck. In searching his office, Gabriel also finds coordinates to a location on Elysium. Hoping that these coordinates will lead them to Atkinson, they set off once more, on another adventure!