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"Patience's Patients"Edit

You are entering an electronic email known as a session summary. Gabriel Hiru and Richard Miller are refugees on a small island village known as Patience. The next contact the island will get with the outside world won't be for several weeks, so with not much to do but wait, they make themselves comfortable. Well, Richard does. Gabriel (as always) is very uneasy about the situation but that tension is eased slightly when the mayor gives him a job as one of the watchers - the town guard. Richard, meanwhile, after a brief stint back in the hospital over a medication overdose is getting busy... err, busy... with well, that is to say... nailing the mayor's daughter. Miller eventually comes around to getting a job patrolling with Gabriel and even builds himself a bike (complete with sidecar) to ride around the little hamlet in. Things really hit it off between Richard and Wendy, and over dinner, it is decided that they will be married. A week passes, there is a very awkward date involving Wendy's sister Julia and Gabriel, and one sunny morning, Richard wakes up on his wedding day.