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"Waking and Sleeping"Edit

This episode begins with the gang in dire straits. They bunker up in the cockpit hoping to last the 24 hour trip to Pasture. Vance is the first to succumb to exhaustion and falls into a deep sleep. Now without a pilot to land their ship, the remaining crew must deal with some mysterious technical difficulties. After fixing the sabotaged artificial gravity, they seek out their missing passenger, who has found her way into the walls of the ship. After using up the last of the adrenaline running around in a desperate attempt to shoot her, Richard and Gabriel pass out.


Richard and Gabriel awake in a quaint little hospital room in a small village they find out later is called Patience. Vance is nowhere to be seen. There is apparently a carnival in town, which has the whole hamlet enjoying the festivities. Gabriel delicately and tactfully interacts with the local police before the town doctor greets them and shows them back to the hospital where he tries to explain the situation. They are given new clothes and given a tour of Patience before being officially welcomed by the town mayor. Without a ship or a pilot, but no longer in any immediate danger, the group must now decide their next course of action.