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"The Scrap Yard"Edit

We started off this session with the gang just putting the finishing touches on the still nameless ship. From now on, until she is formally named, I will refer to her as 'Her Scrappiness.' So after some very intense surveillance camera installations (not to mention hours of deliberation), Gabriel leaves Her Scrappiness to look for some parts in the yard. While doing said activity, a man comes up to the front gate. Gabriel hesitantly agrees to let the man in, who says he's looking for some parts - a likely story! After a few questions, the mysterious man decides to take his and Gabriel’s relationship to the next level by throwing a flash bang at him. This is followed shortly by a smoke grenade, which quickly fills most of the scrapyard. Vance (who was near Gabriel when the shit went down) runs over to Gabriel while Richard (who was in another part of the yard), having heard the grenades go off, runs towards the center of the yard. Richard goes into the main garage and almost runs into the intruder who reacts by firing his weapon. Vance and Gabriel make their way towards the building. In the middle of the garage, a block in the floor begins to raise which the man runs and dives for (but not before taking a good chunk of pellets to the leg via Richard's shotgun). Eventually the gang regroups in the garage and waits while the mysterious dude does his mysterious thing in the mysterious block in the floor. After a little while, smoke begins to pour out of the floor and the block begins to rise again. Out steps a mech. The man explains that he is Maze, the (according to him) owner of this junkyard and everything in it. The two parties lower their weapons and shields and make rather weak attempts at a diplomatic solution. Vance decides he has a solution to the problem and shoots Maze in the face. It misses exposed skin by a few centimetres, but it's enough to stun him and make a run to Her Scrappiness. Maze fires his two energy weapons at the group, who manage to escape mostly unscathed in Her Scrappiness. They blow the scrapyard apart, just to put the whole ownership debate to rest once and for all and leave. Past this, the party picks up some provisions, paraphernalia, passengers and a perplexing package prior to progressing to... Yoshi. Oh, and they fly past the scrapyard one more time to see that the block seems to have been raised since they shot the shit out of it the first time. And then they shoot the shit out of it again.