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There are 6 more days before the race and everybody is trying to make the most of their time. Having spent all night fervently working on Vance's motorcycle, Miller remembers he has a date to go on that night. He quickly takes a taxi (who ends up driving Richard on 3 separate occasions throughout the day) back to the hotel to get a bit of rest and hopefully a shower. He goes to where Elisha's ship, 'Alibi' is stationed and after being prompted to do so, ventures inside the ship to acquire one (1) female mechanic. Having successfully completed that task (after some stressful dice rolling and many lost life points... okay, that didn't happen...), Richard asks Elisha where a good place to eat is, and Elisha takes him to her favourite restaurant, where they both eat a nice, big, hearty steak. Their evening goes quite well, and depending on who's telling the story, Mr. Miller may or may not have gotten what is commonly referred to as “some sugar" after taking Elisha back to her ship. Afterwards, Miller - acting a little giddier than usual (and not smoking nearly as much) - continues adding and replacing parts and fine tuning Vance's bike for the next few days. Vance meanwhile, gets in a hefty dose of test-driving while Gabriel spends his days getting some much needed rest.