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"The Kickoff"Edit

As so often is the case, it was a day like any other. Richard Miller was hanging out in his apartment when a strange man comes to visit, seeking a girl who helped rob Richard only 2 weeks ago. The strange man, wearing a trench coat and a nice pair of scars on his face (and a few bandages) eventually introduces himself as Gabriel Hiru. Soon after Gabriel arrives, another stranger comes to visit, an ace pilot by the name of Vance Kruger. Eventually the three realize they are after the same thing. Gabriel and Vance have been hired by Jonathon Atkinson, a wealthy CEO who had recently lost his daughter to a kidnapper. Atkinson has offered 10,000,000 URU to the group to bring his daughter back alive. Miller jumped at the chance to get revenge on his robber, get out into the black for the first time and earn a nice chunk of cash while he was at it.

After introductions and decisions were made, Gabriel and Vance began to help Miller pack up any necessary supplies and they set out to stay at Atkinson's corporate suite at a fancy hotel downtown. They had a pleasant rest and took advantage of Atkinson's generosity as much as possible, then set out early the next morning to meet with Atkinson as had been planned. After some questions had been answered and all final arrangements had been made, the group set out. Atkinson's personal transport ship was their home for the next 5 days as they travelled through the Coral and Saffron systems on their way to Derek.

The trip was fairly uneventful, Vance stopped to test out the weapons systems on a piece of floating space junk, and Richard nearly had a breakdown after not having a smoke for almost a week (increased anxiety is apparent with many first-time space-fairers). 

With just 20 days left to find Atkinson's daughter, Stella, they arrived on Derek a short distance away from their destination; an old, nearly abandoned town called Miner's Mill. They hopped out of the ship, breathing in the brisk, dusty air and set out to survey the area.

To be continued...