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Vance Kruger's BeginningEdit

After the horrific accident, that killed his ally - Monty Redline - Vance was quickly taken to the Academy's military hospital back on Focus. Days and weeks passed in a blur, with only faint memories of this time. One day, he woke up in a completely different hospital. Upon asking around, he found out he was transferred here about a week ago. It turns out that a man calling himself "John Doe" funded the stay; he also left a note, wanting to meet him. Feeling much better, he left the hospital, hopped on his bike and went to meet this mysterious man. Upon arrival at the location he was given, he went up the elevator to the 64th floor, the supposed meeting place. He looked around until he saw a name that could belong to this John Doe; Jonathan Atkinson CEO of NetSys Inc. He went in and talked to the man who had helped him. It turns out that Mr. Atkinson's 16 year-old daughter, Stella, went missing 15 days ago. She simply disappeared from her bedroom in the middle of the night, not leaving a trace. 3 days ago, Jonathan received a ransom note demanding 100,000,000 URU within the next 30 days (this was 3 days ago, so the next 27 days) for the safe return of his daughter.  Mr. Atkinson doesn't feel like giving away that much money, especially to a group of people who would do such a horrible thing to his daughter. So that's why he needs your character. Atkinson needs him to pilot a small ship to the planet where his daughter is being held and rescue her by any means necessary. Atkinson shows and even let's him test drive the ship and let's him stay at a nice posh hotel. Your character sets out to find the other people Atkinson has hired, to see if he'll be able to work with them, and assuming everything goes well, will meet back at Atkinson's office in 2 days.