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Richard Miller's BeginningEdit

It was business like usual for your character until one day a strange man came to see some of you wares. You couldn't see his face too well, which was hidden underneath a hood, but what you did see was heavily modified by cyberware. With him was an attractive young girl who clung to his arm, she seemed to feel safe as long as she was close to him. She also had some enhancements, but nothing out of the ordinary. You've dealt with tough or annoying customers before, but never like this. After demanding to see your wares, he pulls up his sleeves to reveal an arm blade and a arm gun. Knowing when you're clearly outmatched, you reluctantly show the strange man some of your products and he quickly takes what he wants, leaving you nothing. Just as soon as he came, he leaves, taking some of your best goods.

We start the campaign 13 days after this incident.