The following timeline is a brief history of events for the Remnant 2.0 campaign setting.


The Human race unites in a desperate scramble to abandon Earth for a new home.


The first big groups of settlers arrive in the Remnant star cluster on neighboring planets Elysium & Focus. Although both are prosperous at first, Elysium soon breaks into a planet-wide war that continues to this day.


Humans spread out to nearby planets and star systems.


The last of the Earthling ships arrive, having transported just under 1 billion people.


The Sun explodes, destroying the Earth and killing billions.


Jonathan Atkinson, President and CEO of Netsys Cybernetic Security Systems orchestrates a galactic terrorist attack, starting out by decimating Yoshi, a peaceful, charming moon that is sadly missed. However, before Atkinson could carry out his attack on New Arcadia, he was stopped by the famous crew members of the Regis.

The memories of Gabriel Hiru (assumed dead), Richard Miller (suspected alive) and Vance Kruger (RIP) will live on in the hearts of many and they will forever be remembered as heroes. A mysterious figure known as "Ping Pong Jackson" is currently being investigated , his whereabouts unknown. Walter Harrison, retired President of Digital Horizons Industries was suspected of being involved with Atkinson but was later cleared of all charges.


Welcome to the 25th Century! Since the Atkinson Terrorist Scare of '97, Military & Cybernetic Security companies have gone through a recent boom and have taken over many facets of government and even media. The Security Industry instills a strong and often brutal sense of justice and more and more criminals are facing severe punishment.

A new reality show called "Hunters" premiers and becomes an instant phenomenon. The first season pit two teams of volunteers led by profession bounty hunters in an effort to bag the most dangerous wanted criminals in the galaxy. The show is now being watched by half the population and has gone on to feature popular returning players and All Stars seasons. It's main sponser is Haven Security.


11 Years after the Atkinson attacks and nearly 200 years after leaving Earth. You find yourself here and now. Hunters is about to begin its 13th season, and on the faraway moon of Pasture there's a new religion on the rise...

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