This is a summation of episode 19 of the Landscape season 2.

Reginald returns to the group, having passed the Swordmaster's test. With his new title and support of the Swordmaster Academy, he sends letters to known members of the guild for information on Farwall.The group heads back to Grem's Slide to get some more information on MijMaj, JimJam's doppleganger. They are directed to the Lost Dino's hideout in the woods Northwest of camp.

Together the adventurer's hatch a plan to attract the bandit's attention, and they allow themselves to fall into a highway ambush disguised as a hapless caravan. The Lost Dino bandits find that the adventurers are more than they bargained for, and run back to their hideout, inadvertently leading the skilled trackers in the group right to MijMaj's doorstep.

Reginald casts Whispering Wind, demanding the bandits hand over MijMaj or face the consequences. The resulting shouting from the camp affirmed that the halfling doppleganger is there, and is definitely in control of his men.

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