This is a summation of episode 26 of The Landscape season 2.

Johann, Tophat, Darvin and Gerrard set off to the East Kingdoms city of Rakim, where it is rumored that a sorcerer has captured one of the Seven Deadly Winds. Upon taking their tour of the town, they find that the rumors are true, and Blue, the Warp Wind, is being held prisoner in the middle of the market square.

Blue recognizes Tophat from the day it was freed from the Sword of Winds in Pearlstripe, and attempts to convince the dragonborn to free him. At this point the group is surrounded by Red Solus soldiers and taken to see the governor, none other than the powerful sorcerer Qua-Lyeskell. The decadent and headstrong halfling interrogates the heroes about their connection to Blue, and provides them with an ultimatum. Trick Blue into revealing a way of tapping into his demonic power, or face life in prison for colluding with a national threat.

The group attempts to take down two birds with one stone: gain access to Blue to trap him back in the Sword of Winds, and remove the tyrant Qua-Lyeskell from government of Rakim. They hit the books and discover a great deal about the history of the winds: created by a painter-wizard that tampered with magical paintbrushes, the winds were captured by the wizard's daughter, who created a hollow blade capable of containing the seven powerful demons.

They take Qua-Lyeskell to the demon, lying and saying that they've found a way for the halfling to gain the demon's power. Blue reveals their intentions to the halfling, but too late, the hero's trap is sprung. They capture Blue within the sword, and kill Qua. The town rejoices!

Inside the palace, they find a giant magical globe capable of doubling the power of arcane spells, and a wooden washbasin engraved with scorpions, that the sorcerer used to sap mana and lifeforce from the townspeople. The group decides to transport the former back to Farwall, and destroy the later.

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