Having defeated Calastryx, Yorick and Hunter X tie up some loose ends. They use the Philospher's Stone to ressurect Capo, and summon the efreet Ashiiq to make their wishes. They wish Zook back to life, they wish for 50 magical casks that will instantly age any beverage poured inside it, and finally for a magical compass to guide them inbetween spheres.

With Zook and Capo revived they're able to identify much of their loot. They also speak with the Azers and are given a token that will grant them an audience with the Grand Vizier on the City of Brass.

Among the prisoners in Calastryx's lair is the peri Helja, who denies Hunter X's advances but invites them to seek her out next time they're on the elemental plane of fire. Another prisoner introduces herself as Cecilia: an elven naval officer who beseeches the party to take her back to elven space as soon as possible so she can deliver important information.

Hunter X dials up the Bounty Hunter's guild for some targets and they settle on a criminal named Tamandraug. Wanted by the Church of Heironious for desecrating holy sites, Tamandraug has been stealing artifacts and murdering attendants of churches and temples across known space.

The party begins their journey back to the Rock of Bral. Once there, Capo intends to head south back to Golarion to return to his homeworld while the others head into elven space to return Cecilia and track down Tamandraug.


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