Their preparations complete, the party bravely steps through the witchgate, and with a shudder are pulled across space and the planes to a cave overlooking the ruined city of Adorak where Tar Baphon’s prison Gallowspire waits. Already a throng of cultists await outside the city gates.

The party sneaks into Adorak and makes their way down the skull-lined avenues and past parks of impaled paladins before meeting their first challenge: an immense undead dragon that powers towards them. They try to hide in one of the ruined buildings but are spotted, and the ravener crashes onto the buildings roof, collapsing it on the adventurers. Fortunately they are quick enough to avoid being pinned, and the ravener strafes the party with breaths of unholy fire. Though at first unable to get a bead on the flying threat, a wall of force stops the beast in it’s tracks and Thomas and Wauugh spring into action, grabbing on to the ravener before it can fly away again. Unfortunately, the ravener has seen this trick before and flies straight up into the poltergeist storm, which begins sapping Thomas and Wauugh’s strength.

Meanwhile, Lucius has been in contact with his master Garblon, who agrees to send help. A strange, white sphere begins to descend through the storm above. The globe of bone defelcts the violent energy of the storm long enough to reveal Garblon’s spelljammer, Enervation. The ship unloads with a full broadside of it’s powerful cannons. Thomas and Waaugh jump from the ravener just in time before it’s shredded by the salvo.

Rufus dives for the falling warriors and attempts to grab them, but misses, and the two crash to the ground, and do not survive the fall. Garblon raises them as undead so they might yet complete their task, and the party pushes on.

While Garblon fights off the next wave of Gallowspire defenders, the party sneaks in to the basalt and iron tower. They climb the seemingly unending spiral staircase of bone before finally reaching the top. Here, the poltergeist storm rages while the Grey Friar sits in a ritual circle atop the marble platform that tops the tower. The Friar quickly down the carrion elixir, but his ritual was interrupted too soon and only a shadowy form of the lich remains after the violent arcane reaction. Blasts of magic lash out at the party as they fight, but with their combined might (and a well placed ring of spell turning) they take down the Grey Friar and prevent a second Tar Baphon from plaguing Golarion.

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