This is a summation of episode 33 of the Landscape season 2.

The group investigates the bodies of the shadow giants, determining them to be constructs made by the Purple Wind. Following their next set of clues, the group heads to Umberlee, taking the Blast Rail to save time. About halfway through their trip, Gerrard spots a green stormcloud in the distant, and guesses that it may be one of the remaining two Deadly Winds. At approximately the same time, the sound of footsteps on the train car roof draw the attention of Gerrard, who finds that Purple was planting a trio of bombs on the rooftop of the trains. 

The Deadly Wind whisks off, taunting the heroes as he departs, leaving them with a set of time bombs to deal with before the entire train - and the fifty plus innocents on board - are incinerated. Tophat and Johann manage to defuse two of the bombs, and Connect disconnects the car carrying the remaining bomb from the rest of the train, but despite Darvin's efforts (eyewitnesses claim he didn't try ALL THAT HARD), the bomb detonates, snapping the blast rail line, and throwing both the train and its occupants to the ground far below.

By the time the carnage settles down and the bodies are counted, 21 total are dead, all civilians, and several are greviously injured - among them Darvin Woodlund, with amputated arm and leg, lying in a deep coma. 

The heroes contemplate their next move and stare with vengence in their eyes as they look towards the distant green storm.

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