In terms of human population, New Arcadia is the centre of the universe. It's Tokyo, New York, Mexico City, Shanghai and London, all rolled up into one - Times five. It is divided up into 3 "mega-sectors" which are then divided into hundreds of districts which are finally divided up into hundreds of sub-divisions. Each sub-division has an average of just over 15,000 people (a larger population than some planets)... and there are over 30,000 of them.

Mega SectorsEdit

  • Arcadia Prime: The city centre. Home to the bigwigs of the universe. Colossal towers dominate this area.
    • Population: 50,000,000 (10% of total pop)
  • Inner Arcadia: This area is home to most of Arcadia's middle class. Not as corrupt as either Arcadia Prime or Outer Arcadia, this is a pretty decent place to live.
    • Population: 150,000,000 (30% of total pop)
  • Outer Arcadia: This is where most of the citizens of Arcadia reside. Though it's not all bad, this area is considered "The slums" of Arcadia. Areas range from lower-middle class peaceful neighbourhoods, to destitute crime-ridden ghettos.
    • Population: 300,000,000 (60% of total pop)


Almost anything that can be found in the universe can be found in Arcadia (if you look hard enough... and for the right price) and it's one of the few places in the Universe where the URU is very important, although many (especially in Outer Arcadia) still use the barter economy.

Law and OrderEdit

Littering may cost you a fine, while selling illegal drugs may cost you a trip to New Siberia. The closer you get to Arcadia Prime, the more the laws are enforced. Weapons are illegal in Arcadia, and even the guards carry non-lethal sonic weapons. However, in the slums, it's common for many to carry some form of weapon, but usually well hidden. Some cybernetics is also banned here, but because of the wide-range of enhancements, this is usually delta with on a case-by-case kind of way.

Basically, the main governing body of Focus is a democratic parliament of thousands of "elected" persons from mostly Arcadia. The politics are thus, slow moving but fairly stable. Huge corporations control most aspects of law-making.

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