ON MONSTER monster (monster)

COUNTRY country (country)


Tonga Ogashi left his hometown of Veilstone, Sinnoh, leaving behind his father, a powerful Gym leader. He boards the SS Anne heading toward Kumquat island, on a mission.

Yuuma Kaneda, recieves a mysterious invitation aboard the SS Anne as well and having just lost his job at the Castelia City Police academy in Unova, he jumps at the chance to get away.

Dexter Fleming also leaves from Castelia City aboard the SS Anne, on a research expedition to Kumquat Island in the Orange Archipelago where a strange new fossil is being discovered.

Ron Winchester leaves from Goldenrod, Johto towards Kumquat Island as well, where his rival Chase Foldger is building a new rare Monster attraction.

Tonga, Kaneda, Dexter & Ron all boarded the SS Anne and headed to Kumquat Island in the Orange Archipelago. Along the way, they witnessed a strange and rare Monster sighting and soon after were attacked by a legion of sleep-inducing Jigglypuffs. When they awoke, they realized they had been stranded on a huge tropical island and while some of the other passengers waited for rescue on the beach, the group joined by two trainers, one with a Sandslash and one with a Magnemite, set off into the dense jungle in search of civilization. They found a girl who ran from the group with her Scyther. They followed the girl to a huge wild Snorlax and explored the hatch it was lazily protecting. Ron was nearly killed after irritating the massive Creature into moving but they managed to incapicate it. After nearly drowning, Tonga and Kaneda escaped the hatch with a new discovery: Baseball sized Monster capturing objects! Also Kaneda captured his first Monster: A Feebas (name?)!

The group are confronted by the girl again, who reveals her name is Koror, she has lived here all her life with her father, who is missing, and her monsters, who have been kidnapped! She allows the group to stay at her home for the night, while she uses her radio to call in a rescue for  


Koror's pokemon - Scyther, Lapras, Snorlax. Glameow, Psyduck, Miltank ..she seems to like Dexter, but is really creeped out by Ron Winchester

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